Mixed-Media Workshops

Practices of mixed media art-making and visual journaling cultivate insight into the nature of the creative process and its multiple relations to tender stories of loss and mend. Enriched by self trust and acceptance, images, photographs, papers, paints, words, lines, threads, and other alternative materials, entwine to make expressive, complex, and extremely personal creations. It's all about one's willingness to reveal vulnerability and rawness for the sake of true creative freedom, growth, and a deep sense of interconnectedness to all. Experiencing honest journeys takes precedence over producing beautiful outcomes. Ultimately, these processes are about depicting the fluidity of life, about effortlessly carrying one's self from one place to another, and about connecting to a larger world than our own.

Out of the Art-Journal
& Onto the Canvas

September 19-21, 2019 in Castle Rock, CO

Throughout my years of guiding beautiful people through the practices and processes of art journaling and till today, I often hear how that practice makes people feel at ease, safe, free, connected to their creative selves, be themselves, and all kinds of good stuff. So let’s get our paints out, our papers, our pens, and find our freedoms and joys on another substrate, the canvas!

Passport to Journal

November 14-19, 2019 in Prescott, AZ

Bring with you an old passport that belonged to you or someone else, to an old family member, or to a complete stranger. You will turn it into a voluminous exciting journal, rich with your colors and textures, and packed with personal imagery. Trek through your intimate stories and make room on your pages for new ones. Honor its bearer’s life whether you know/knew that person or not. Be inspired by its stories and histories. Strip it from its formality by adding your own biographical anecdotes. Allow for playfulness and for the interplay between the concealing and revealing of visual and emotional information. Permit a spontaneous and sensorial celebration.


August 23-25, 2019 in Portland, OR

Dresses. Containers of free spiritedness. Expressions of abundant figure and shape. Reflections of true voice. Projections of earned self-possession. Witnesses of joy, light, and lightness. Testaments of mood and humor. Musings of unabashed sensuality. Symbols of self love and ownership. Patterns of tangible and robust rhythm.Evidence of my ever-changing life dances and daring tactile movements. In DRESSES, we will explore the ever changing relationship we have to dresses through mixed media art making processes. We will create them, leave them be, or incorporate them into our favorite substrate.

“Mixed” Inside Vintage Book Covers

October 2-6, 2019 in Sherborn, MA

In MIXED, we will explore the inside of vintage book covers. These were hard covered books with signatures and thread and had a cloth exterior. We will ‘uncover’ their mysterious life, bring in bits and pieces of other elements that have previous stories and histories, and create new separate collages from which we’ll draw inspiration for our final book cover pieces. Mixed media processes will be introduced and used to create pieces only you can put together. Your own creative ways and preferences will surely culminate in one of a kind creations that will make us feel lively and content as art making always does.